The Loving Self - Emotional Healing Live Webinar

The Loving Self - Emotional Healing Live Webinar

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Part one of the new live webinar series from renowned spiritual teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner, Vasant Lad BAM&S, MASc. In this opening conversation, Vasant Lad will guide us through practical Vedic knowledge for healing the emotional self, improving mental health, and tending to the trauma of the mind.

“When we heal this trauma, we will love this whole existence.”

Whether you identify as a person who has experienced trauma or not, Vasant Lad is here to guide us toward loving our whole existence with remarkable insight, and the earnest enthusiasm for which he is loved.

We are all affected by the pressures to perform, excel, advance at the expense of your mental health in our modern, fast-paced world — to counter, this is a calm, compassionate space where you can come to heal and restore balance between the consciousness and soul.