Ayurvedic Palmistry - Medicine in the Palm of your hand

Ayurvedic Palmistry - Medicine in the Palm of your hand

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Learn how to read the unique biological roadmap of the palm and uncover meaningful insights about your mental, physical and spiritual condition.

Join Ayurvedic physician and author, Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc as he shares what the very shape and quality of our hands can tell us about the particular pathophysiological changes that have occurred in life, and which are most likely to come about in the future.

This knowledge helps us to develop inner peace around what has occurred in the past while empowering us to move forward with practices to assist in our own healing, and that of our community.

Topics covered in this seminar..

Explore the significance of hasta rekha shastra or medical palmistry including:

  • Origin: Uncover the mythological origin of the art of palmistry.
  • Life Events: Discover the layers of the palm through the major lines, such as life, head and heart, which detail aspects in our life that we will experience or have experienced (prarabdha karma) Gain insights into your health, education, wealth, loves, family life, and spiritual tendencies
  • Life Choices: We will also explore the minor lines, which are subject to change and in so doing revealing our conscious will (kriyamana karma)
  • Organ Health: Learn the location of the major organs as represented in the palms and what certain signs can tell us about their condition.
  • Relation to Superconscious: Explore reading one’s planetary influence in the palms, which grants us insight into the superconscious and the store house of causality (sanchita karma)
  • Imbalances: Learning to use the secrets of the palm as a tool that can reveal imbalances in the mind and body of the individual

Vasant Lad regularly pauses during the seminar, offering the opportunity to ask questions. All our seminars include ample time at the end for a Q&A. Can't make it live? Register to receive the recording.